Friday, 24 February 2012

1st activity for sem 4..:)

Assalamualaikum guys..

Today my friends & I went to a seminar at Convention Center which are organised by Finance and Banking Society(FABS),  School of Economic, Finance and Banking and Risk Management(SEFB) of UUM.

 It is a professional talk about Career as a banker presented by Mr. Tan Leong Theng from Ambank & Financial Management presented by Ms. Noorhaliza from AKPK.

The main objective of this program is to give exposure about finance and banking industry practises and management of risks facing by the industry today.

Many new things that I got from the seminar. The speakers explain about many things that available in a bank n some of the thing that they said I had learned it in the class.

Lastly, I enjoyed the seminar so much..

p/s: to be a banker u must be busybody..:)

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